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How and when will I know if my son has made the team?

Generally players will be notified and offered a position within a week after the final tryout date.  Once all notifications are made, the roster is generally posted on our website and a deposit will be due shortly.

How are the ages of players in each age group determined?

Age groups typically are made up of players born within one year of each. The MSBL and most tournaments use the nationally recognized birthday cutoff date of May 1 for each age group. For example, players born between May 2, 2006, and May 1, 2007 will be 12 on May 1, 2018 and thus eligible to play 12U baseball in the summer, 2018.  i.e. for 2018 season 12U Division - Must be 12 years old or younger, may not turn 13 before May 1, 2018.

What league will you play in and where are your home games?

Historically Maverick teams play in the the Mid Suburban Baseball league (“MSBL”) based out of Elk Grove, Il. (www.msblleague.org).  Home games normally are at Mount Prospect Park District’s Friendship Park on Algonquin Rd. between 83 and Mount Prospect Rd.

How many games do the Mavericks play?

The number of games vary by team, historically, the 10U team will play in the MSBL (18-20 games) and the MSBL’s year end tournament, around 22-23  games.  As the kids get older and add more tournaments to the MSBL 18-22 game schedule, the total amount varies.  i.e , in 2016 the 13U team played about 35 games.

What distance in the MSBL are the bases and pitching mound?

9U:  60’ bases and 44’ pitching distance.

10U:  65' bases and 46' pitching distance.

11U:  70’ bases and 48’ pitching distance.

12U:  70’ bases and 50’ pitching distance.

13U:  80’ bases and 54’ pitching distance.

14U:  90’ bases and 60' 6" pitching distance.

How many tournaments will the team play in?

The number of tournaments vary by team, but generally the older teams compete in 3-5 tournaments outside of the MSBL season either during open weekends or after the MSBL season is complete.

Will the Mavericks travel outside of Illinois?

This depends on the team, however historically the 11U team plays an end of the year tournament in the Wisconsin Dells and 12U team goes to Cooperstown in mid July – early August.  Otherwise these decisions are made on a team by team basis.

Who Coaches the Maverick teams?

As a community based travel baseball organization we rely on parent volunteers to manage our younger age levels and as an organization strongly recommend our older teams to consider involving a “professional” coach to lead their teams.  All coaches must meet with the Board of Directors for approval.

How much does it cost to be on the Mavericks?

The fees for the program vary depending on the age level that your child(ren) are registered for and the specific team’s requests, with the fee normally increasing at the older age levels. Costs are team specific and may vary by what each team’s manager and parents deem appropriate.   Teams and/or individuals may hold fundraisers to offset fees as well.  Sponsors for teams and/or individual players are also encouraged.  **Because of the cost of Cooperstown, we encourage you to contact the Maverick organization prior to that age’s tryouts to better understand that year’s financial commitment.

When is the money due?

An initial deposit (generally not more than $500 - may be less depending on team) will be due within 72 hours of a player being notified they made the team.  An additional payment is generally due around November 1st and the balance generally by February 1st.  No refunds will be given for any reason, once fees are paid (see injury refund policy).  Checks should be made payable to: Mount Prospect Mavericks Travel Baseball.  12U player amounts and the timing of due payments may differ than other Maverick teams because of Cooperstown tournament  requirements.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be offered after the parent has accepted a roster spot except possibly for the case of injuries.  In the case of injuries a request must be made in writing to the Maverick Board of Directors and then if the refund is approved, it may be prorated and subject to board approval.  The policy of Mount Prospect Travel Baseball is no refunds for any reason (including but not limited to withdrawal, injury, suspension or expulsion).  You may appeal to the Maverick Board of Directors in the case of injury or extraordinary circumstance and said final decision will be based on an individual by individual basis.

When do you start workouts?

Teams generally start weekly, indoor, skill development workouts in January.  In addition, our teams generally meet an additional day once the season gets closer to Opening Day (March).  Please note, the Maverick organization is cognizant of allowing our players to participate in other sports and understand conflicts arise during the early workout dates in January and February.  We encourage multi-sport athletes however expect that during baseball season (April – July) baseball becomes a priority.